Do you want your employees to speak and write Dutch better? VolTaal provides customised courses for companies, both for individuals and groups. First, we determine together what the desired objectives are. After that, I put together a course, specially tailored to your employees.

When training for a group it is important that everyone has about the same level.

A selection of courses one can follow at VolTaal is listed below.

Dutch in the workplace

Meetings, reports, e-mails, phone calls. Good communication is everything in the workplace. Sometimes English may be fine, but in the end it is more convenient if everyone speaks the same language, especially towards customers. And that you can be confident that there are no severe language errors.

We will indicate what is important to your company and plan the lessons accordingly, by means of practicing different realistic workplace situations such as conversations and the writing of e-mails. We will focus on the right vocabulary and idiom. The lessons will be supplemented with exercises to complete at home.

Improve speaking

Your employee is already quite proficient in Dutch, but speaking is not yet as smooth as it should be. Perhaps he or she still needs to think for a long time about the right words, there are disturbing errors or the pronunciation is not so clear. Sometimes self-confidence is also a problem and there is a fear of making mistakes. In this training the focus will be entirely on talking.

Improve writing

Your employee can express himself orally well, but many mistakes are still made in writing. The structure of the sentence is wrong, words not well chosen or there are many spelling mistakes. In this course we look at written language, choice of words, grammar and of course spelling. At the start, we will note any points of attention and formulate exercises accordingly.

Inburgeringsexamen or Staatsexamen NT2

Does your employee need to integrate into Dutch society and to get naturalized? Then he or she will have to pass the Inburgeringsexamen or the Staatsexamen NT2. It is most important that one's grasp of Dutch vocabulary and grammar is sufficient, but to know what to expect from the exams, and how best to prepare for them, can be a great help. During these lessons we will practice with several mock exams and your employee will be given specific feedback on his or her progress, as well as tips and tricks to ace these tests.

Specific skills

Your employee may have a particular skill he or she wants to acquire or improve, such as giving presentations or writing papers. Do not hesitate to ask about your options.

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