At VolTaal, you can get Dutch lessons especially for you. You indicate what you want to learn and I'll compose a customised course for you. Do you want to learn Dutch for your work or private life? Or both? Are you still a beginner or already at a high level? Do you want to practice a specific skill, for example writing or speaking? It is all possible.

You can also attend lessons together with your partner or friend(s). The only requirement is that you have about the same level.

A selection of courses one can follow at VolTaal is listed below.

Dutch in the workplace

Would you like to be able to speak confidently during meetings? To spend less time agonising over a correctly worded e-mail? Have a pleasant conversation with coworkers during lunch? We will indicate what is important to you and plan the lessons accordingly, by means of practicing different realistic workplace situations such as conversations and the writing of e-mails. We will focus on the right vocabulary and idiom. The lessons will be supplemented with exercises to complete at home.

Improve your speaking

How nice would it be to be fluent in any spoken interaction, be it with friends, neighbours, coworkers or your hairdresser, without the fear of making mistakes? In this training the focus will be entirely on talking. You will get feedback on your choice of words, sentence construction and pronunciation and you will learn to speak with more confidence.

Improve your writing

A WhatsApp text to a friend requires different wording than an e-mail to a manager or a project report. Which words fit which situation? This course focuses on written Dutch, particularly grammar, spelling and register. We will note any points of attention and formulate exercises accordingly.

Inburgeringsexamen or Staatsexamen NT2

To successfully integrate into Dutch society and to get naturalized, one needs to pass the Inburgeringsexamen or the Staatsexamen NT2. It is most important that one's grasp of Dutch vocabulary and grammar is sufficient, but to know what to expect from the exams, and how best to prepare for them, can be a great help. During these lessons we will practice with several mock exams and you will be given specific feedback on your progress, as well as tips and tricks to ace these tests.

Specific skill

You may have a particular skill you want to acquire or improve, such as giving presentations or writing papers. Do not hesitate to ask about your options.

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