How it works

Personal introduction and intake

Prior to starting a course we plan an intake interview (without obligations). During this meeting we discuss your end goals and requirements. Based on the outcome of this I will then put together a custom-made course.

If you want to attend lessons together with your partner or friend(s), I would like to get to know you together. It is required that you have about the same level.

My style

The language spoken during the lessons will be Dutch, as this maximizes progress. I think it is important to get to grips with the language actively during the lessons, so there will be a high level of interactivity and a strong focus on everyday application of the things you learn.

It is also important to me that the learning process be fun. After all, when something is fun to do, it is easier to work hard at it toward swifter progress. So whether it is a difficult email or high-stakes meeting you have to prepare or a general nervousness you experience when using your Dutch, at VolTaal you will receive the encouragement and support to make it more pleasant.

In exchange, I ask you as a student to always maintain an active, interested attitude and apply yourself with diligence. 

Students describe me as enthusiastic, engaged, patient and structured and able to make troublesome grammar rules easy to understand. Please also read my references.

Teaching material

I have experience with various teaching methods. Together we determine which one suits you best. I also use material that we can find anywhere in everyday life: internet, television, news, magazines, films, YouTube, etc. Obviously tailored to your interests. If you want to improve your Dutch mainly for your work, it is useful if you bring in some own content that we can work with (e-mails, reports, etc.). 


After each lesson I will give you homework. After all, learning a language is practicing, practicing, practicing, and it is good if you apply what you have learned at home.

Lesson location and times

We agree on the course location and times together. The lessons can take place in-company, at my home or at your home or in an office space to be determined in Utrecht. Lessons take place on weekdays, during working hours or in the evening.


During the intake interview we will set your goals. During the course we regularly discuss the progress. We also discuss whether the lessons meet your expectations. If necessary, we will make adjustments.