By now I have helped hundreds of people from different backgrounds to improve their Dutch. My students come from all over the world and work in all sectors (e.g. government, IT, health care, construction and education).

Below you can read a few testimonials of people I have taught.

"Angela is truly a good, professional and 'gezellige' teacher. She is generally very focused and practical but also knows how to create a fun and stimulating environment. I very much appreciated the approach she took with me.

Since I had quite a short time, she managed to cram all the most important topics in our lessons and tailored all the material to my level and need. I noticed she really put an effort and never slacked off. In just 6 lessons I have learned a great deal and improved massively, and much of this is undoubtedly thanks to Angela and her teachings. All in all, a great teacher both with regards to professionality and flexibility. Definitely the teacher one needs to learn or improve his/her Dutch."

Alex, Italy

"I did my B1 course with Angela and I found it a very good experience. My goal was to improve my conversation level in Dutch, and to expand my vocabulary. Both of these were achieved above expectations. After my course with Angela, I can also use my Dutch in a professional environment.

Angela is a patient and dedicated teacher, I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning Dutch from scratch, or for those interested in raising their level one or more steps higher."

Robert, Chili

"I was very pleased that I could indicate myself what I wanted to learn. Angela could understand exactly what I meant.

Back in school, when I was corrected by my teachers, I sometimes felt inferior. When I was corrected by Angela, I felt good and not inferior. That makes the lesson more fun, you only want to continue and not stop because you make mistakes.

I learned from Angela that I can achieve a lot by staying calm. It sounds so simple, but realizing it alone is very difficult because I wasn't used to it. I noticed a big difference from the student I was in my first lesson and the last one. I felt that I had achieved something beautiful."

Ismail, Turkey (born in The Netherlands)

"I liked very much Angela's style of teaching: clear pronunciation, adequate speed, positive and inclusive attitude, good balance between explanation and interaction with the class. She has always shown to understand if and how much the class was keeping pace. I have learned a lot from her and can highly recommend her as a teacher!"

Jacopo, Italy

"Angela is a good teacher and a friendly person. She can clearly explain the grammar. She does her job conscientiously and prepares well for lessons. Thanks to her lessons, I am now at the B2 level of Dutch."

Edyta, Poland

"During my course with Angela, she distinguished for her kind and likeable personality but also for her pleasant and efficient style of teaching.

As a teacher, she promoted a team spirit in her class through encouraging positive feedback but also constructive criticism among us. Always willing to answer to all our questions and help us correct our mistakes, she gave us the confidence needed express ourselves in Dutch language. Her patient and calm personality in combination with a sharp mind enabled an excellent communication among students from all over the world with completely different native languages and cultural features. However, she managed to maintain a rigid structure of the lesson so that we could achieve the best possible result. My progress under her guidance was obvious.

For all these reasons, I strongly believe that Angela is a teacher with great potential, able to adapt to each student's needs. Hence, I recommend her at the strongest possible terms and without any reservation."

Maria, Greece

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